Inno Teach - Math Lab

1.Place Value – Blocks and Strips
3.Small to Big candy
4.Sum up addition
5.Composing Numbers
6.Addition board
7.Multiplication board
8.Whole number laws board
10.Exploring areas using Dice
11.Place Value - Peek a Boo
13.Division Box
15.Multiplication Table
16.Indian and International system
17.Greater than and Lesser than
18.Symmetrical Shapes
1.VM Multiplication
2.Triangles based on Angles
3.Triangle angle sum Theory
4.Rectangle Angle sum theory
5.Angle clock (M)
7.Number Line
9.Bar Graph
11.SAS congruency
12.ASA Congruency
13.SSS congruency
14.LCM & HCF
15.Triangles based on Sides
16.Clock Operations
17.Parallel and Transversal lines
1.Cube roots
2.Division of polynomials
3.(a+b)2 identity
4.Properties of circle
5.Trigonometry circle
6.Trapezium Transformation
7.α = 2β
8.Pythagoras Transformation
10.Geo Board
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